Vitruvian Institute

Based out of the former Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory outside Chicago, the Vitruvian Institute for Parahuman Studies is one of the top parascience research facilities in the world. More than a research center, however, Vitruvian has recently opened a division for the training and education of future Transnational Guard candidates. With a full-time staff of researchers, educators, and doctors, as well as the part-time contributions of Action Pact, Vitruvian offers the best possible avenue for future Guard members to realize their potential.


Head of security at the Vitruvian Institute, former federal agent Carter Standard is known for his unflinching and stern attitude towards paranormals. In his thirteen years with the federal government before working for Vitruvian, Carter has seen things that make him unimpressed with what most paranormals can threaten him with.


President of the Vitruvian Institute and de facto dean of its education facilities, Edward August is a billionaire industrialist and good friend of Doctor Century. The Vitruvian Institute was his idea, not just as a research facility but also as a training center for future members of the Guard. As such, he treats the Institute much like a doting parent, making it a top priority in all his dealings.


The Vitruvian Institute intends to train the next generation of super-heroes. To that end, ex-cop Ian Ulrich has been brought on-board in order to educate potential Guard members in law enforcement foundations, police procedures, and other subjects designed to help the Guard interface better with government agencies. He also serves as a liason with the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois State Police.


While the position may not seem the most noble or heroic, accounting for Vitruvian Institute’s finances is an important task. Laura Yates is the head of that department, making the decisions on how to spend the Institute’s budget. She interfaces a great deal with Roland Tessier in marketing in order to guide her decisions.


Brilliant and eccentric, Martin Holtz is the head of Vitruvian’s parascience research facilities. He is fascinated by the paranormal but does so from a scientific perspective, rebuking claims of unscientific spiritualism or mystical worldviews. For Dr. Holtz, the Guard duties of the paranormals in training at the Institute is secondary to their potential as research subjects.


Unlike most of Vitruvian’s staff, the charming and clever Roland Tessier is not on Edward August’s payroll. Instead, he works directly for the Transnational Guard Funding Organization, the alliance of private companies and charitable donations that operate the Transnational Guard. Roland is head of marketing for the Guard, and it’s his job to handle public relations and encourage future Guard members to not only perform their duties, but do so in a way that appeals to the public.


Dr. Bhaskar is the head of Vitruvian’s medical team. She serves as the primary physician and medical consultant for the trainees and she is the most staunchly opposed to placing the students in any sort of danger before they are ready.

Vitruvian Institute

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