The Altered World

Prior to the earthshaking events of the Wave and its aftermath, the world of Paragons was no different than the one we know in reality. History still occurred as it did, events still transpired as we remember them and it was very much the world outside your window.

That all was irrevocably altered on August 6th, 1998, in an event known as the Wave. An experiment conducted in Fermilab’s Tevatron outside Chicago triggered a cascading wave of strange energy to sweep over the Earth.

Since then, the world has changed. Unless otherwise noted, it’s generally safe to assume things took place in the world of Paragons as they did in our world, albeit with some adjustments. Some historical events are different, or have different causes or factors involved, but ultimately the impact of the existence of paranormals is as noted in these documents.


An important aspect of this setting to be mindful of is that the actual people of this world still behave as you’d expect people to do. While it’s tough to argue that a setting is realistic when it contains people who can fly and throw thunderbolts, an emphasis must still be placed on the behavior and reactions of people to the strange, unreal world they live in.

People are still people. They still act like people. They may find themselves living in a world where suddenly the impossible has become possible, but the very human way they think and act hasn’t changed.

Something to very much avoid is mistaking this setting for something “Silver Age” or featuring two-dimensional caricatures of human behavior. This is very much a modern super-hero world, one where the idea of super-heroes have existed in pop culture for over a half of a century before they suddenly became real.

This is not to say that many of the tropes and archetypes common to super-hero settings don’t exist here, but rather that they are viewed through a reactive or even post-modern lens of people who are very much self-aware of the existence of such a genre and how it has become a part of their world.

The Altered World

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