Paranormal Redemption Program

Devised in 2011 by the officials at the Flagstaff Penitentiary, the Redemption Program is designed to allow certain paranormals who qualify to engage in rehabilitation activities in order to help prepare them for parole and possibly working with the Transnational Guard.

Some of the members of the program, as listed below, may have meant well in their initial forays into super-heroics but ran afoul of the law and found themselves imprisoned. Others have come to turn against their previous criminal behaviors, and now seek to integrate themselves into society.

The Redemption Program is designed to help give them that chance.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Peak physical attributes and mental acuity.
Gerald Whitson, the self-titled “Alpha Male”, pushes the boundaries of what is considered paranormal. His physical and mental capabilities do not appear to be beyond what is physically possible or quantifiable for a human being in peak health and training, but he claims to come by these capacities naturally without any particular effort. His physical endurance and reflex speed rank equivalent to some of the best on record, but are nowhere near that of confirmed paranormals.
Nonetheless, these capabilities and the ease by which Gerald came to them led him to develop a massive ego and he chose to become a costumed vigilante for no other reason than personal fame and glory. Some of these personality tendencies have gotten better during his incarceration, but he is still noted as arrogant and self-absorbed.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Can transform into living diamond
Leah Freitag had her break-out very publicly, having survived a horrific bus accident due to her body shifting into diamond. Unlike some paranormals, however, Leah used her ability to escape the bus herself and made no real attempt to save anyone else. It is arguable what good she could have done, but the negative press she garnered for her seemingly self-centered extrication made it difficult for her to transition into any other kind of paranormal career. The petulant, flippant attitude she took didn’t help matters, and eventually she gave up trying to be a super-hero and instead resorted to robbery, for which she was apprehended by Action Pact and has spent several years incarcerated for.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Goanna has paranormal strength, speed, endurance, and regenerative properties associated with her aberrant reptilian physiology.
Wendy Germain was one of the rare paranormals whose break-out was actually a so-called ‘freak out’; her body physically changed into the reptilian humanoid she is now. Like many Aberrants, Wendy took the change hard and it had a massive impact on her life. She eventually found herself associated with a violent movement of Aberrant criminals known as the Menagerie. After being apprehended in 2008, she’s been a model inmate and has a lot of potential to put her life on the right track.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Paranormal speed and nearly indestructible.
Marvin Stober tried to join several different super-hero teams after his powers manifested. However, he lacks the reflex and response speed to coincide with his physical movement speed, and his general incompetence for tactics and combat scenario made him a liability in most Transnational Guard operations. Undaunted by his failures and rejections, Marvin adopted the persona of ‘Offroad’, and decided to become an unofficial, illegal vigilante. The property damage his ‘assistance’ caused quickly led him down a path to ending up in Flagstaff.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Light control
Curtis Darby was once a member of the Ascendants, a parahuman supremacy group operating out of the United States. However, during a conflict with Overwatch, Darby turned against his associates and helped Overwatch defeat them. Stating that he ultimately felt that their supremacist agenda was far too much like conventionally racist hate-groups, Darby turned himself in and plead guilty to his crimes. He’s a prime candidate for the Redemption Program.


Known Paranormal Abilities: The Witness is a living plant Aberrant, and has a number of abilities related to controlling and commanding plants in addition to his own vegetative form.
It is unknown who the Witness was before his break-out. He claims to be a “child of the Earth”, and states that he simply came into being after the Wave. There are some who theorize that rather than an Aberrant human who became a plant, he is actually an Aberrant plant who became humanoid. Nonetheless, the strange creature affiliated itself with the eco-terrorist group Zero Latitude, before being apprehended by Century Five and imprisoned in Flagstaff.

Paranormal Redemption Program

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