Widely considered the most powerful super-hero team on Earth, Overwatch is the premier Transnational Guard field-team and primarily oversee the East Coast of the United States. Unlike their more Hollywood-friendly West Coast counter-parts in Century Five, Overwatch generally avoids public appearances and interacting with the media. They are usually treated with a degree of reverence and sometimes even fear that is unusual for a super-hero team.


Known Paranormal Powers: Stellar Plasma Control
Treated with a mixture of unease and respect by most people, the incredibly powerful Celestial comes across as almost godlike in her demeanor. Due to physyical aberration, she constantly glows with some degree of light, shining brightly from her mouth and eyes and granting her voice an ethereal volume. She rarely appears publicly outside her duties with the Guard.


Known Paranormal Powers: Duplication
Being in more than one place at a time has never been a problem for Jason Evries. Using a form of “induced quantum superposition”, Everyman can duplicate himself, allowing him to occupy multiple points of space and time. While he has no special mental connection to his various duplicates when they are separate from him, he can “collapse the wave-form”, allowing him to merge with them and gain any knowledge they may have acquired. He has used this ability to simultaneously acquire several different degrees and a variety of other skills. Nobody’s really sure anymore who the “real” Jason Evries is, given that his duplicates can also create duplicates. It’s possible even Everyman himself doesn’t know.


Known Paranormal Powers: Time Manipulation
While commonly considered a speedster, Fastlane doesn’t actually move with any sort of superhuman speed. Instead, he has the ability to move faster than conventional time. From his perspective, the world slows or outright stops, and he moves with his normal speed within it. Relative to everyone else, however, Fastlane is one of the fastest men on Earth, even amongst other paranormal speedsters.


Known Paranormal Powers: Ultrakinesis, Supersonic Shout, ability to survive in space, other abilities unknown
Arguably the most powerful paranormal on Earth, the Patriot is treated less like a person and more like a royal figure or even a deity by some (especially American newsmedia). It’s unclear what powers Patriot actually has, as the man never deigns to give interviews or allow himself to be tested. It is known that he’s an ultrakinetic without peer, and that he can survive the vacuum of space and a nuclear bomb, as evidenced by the time in 2004 when he flew into space in order to safely explode a stolen nuclear device activated by terrorists. For hours the world thought that the Patriot was dead, before he reappeared completely unharmed.


Known Paranormal Powers: Telepathy, sensory manipulation
There are many paranormal telepaths in the world today, but none with the ability to intrude on other minds and create mental illusions with the power and range of the paranormal known as Silence. Harsh critics of super-heroes in general and of Overwatch in particular point to Silence as the least trustworthy member of the team, since her powers would easily allow her to manipulate the minds of normal people en masse. Silence is an intensly private person, refusing to give interviews or disclose the exact limits of her powers.


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