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This section is a wiki of information designed to familiarize you with the setting of Paragons and what you need to know.

Chapter 1. Terminology – A list of the commonly used terms and slang you will find in this setting.

Chapter 2. The Nature of Power – The way in which paranormal power comes to be in the world of Paragons, and how it works.
- Breakout
- Power and Belief

Chapter 3. The Altered World
- History
- Paragons and the Law
- Geopolitics
- Futurism
- Popular Culture
- Faith and Religion

Chapter 4. The Populace
- Action Pact
- Century Five
- Overwatch
- Paranormal Redemption Program
- Vitruvian Institute

Chapter 5. Rules Additions
- Aberrations
- Alternate Attack Rolls
- Achievements
- Power Surges
- Character Questionnaire

Main Page

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