Century Five

A Transnational Guard field-team assigned to the West Coast, Century Five is based out of Los Angeles and operates primarily in Californa, Nevada, and Washington. Unlike most Transnational Guard teams, Century Five is partially funded directly by one of its members; Doctor Century’s Next Century Development enhances the team’s operations with an expanded budget and an arsenal of hi-tech gadgets.


Known Paranormal Powers: Ultrakinesis
With superhuman strength and the power to fly, All-Star is very much the archetype the public imagines when they think of the word “super-hero”. She fully embraces her celebrity status, making a number of public appearances and interviews when she’s not saving lives. All-Star is a popular subject for Hollywood gossip columnists, romantically linking her to various movie stars, her team-mate Doctor Century, or even the East Coast super-hero the Patriot. She always refuses to comment on such matters.


Known Paranormal Powers: Omnicompetence
Doctor Simon Century is a genius. Beyond simply being of extraordinary intelligence, his incredible analytical prowess combined with his eidetic memory strays into being paranormal. While he has no exceptional talent for combat and generally avoids violent conflict, he serves as the team’s leader and financial backer. Doctor Century’s gadgets and futuristic solutions to technological problems allow him to help the world in a way beyond most paranormals.


Known Paranormal Powers: Cryokinesis (Aberrant)
A tragic figure treated with respect and concern by most media, Ice Nine is one of the few prominent members of the Transnational Guard who publicly suffers from an aberration. She is unable to control her cryokinetic powers, constantly generating freezing fields of intense cold. Doctor Century has devised a special containment suit for her, allowing her to operate outside of a carefully controlled environment and interact with the public. She often appears in public service announcements trying to educate the public on the nature of aberration and why aberrants need not be feared.


Known Paranormal Powers: Photonic Form
Friendly, gregarious and outgoing, Lightspeed loves the media attention Century Five receives and never misses opportunities to appear in front of a camera. His photonic form allows him to travel at near the speed of light itself, ensuring that he can maintain an incredibly busy social schedule and take full advantage of his celebrity status while still helping his team with their super-heroics.


Known Paranormal Powers: “Absolute Faith”, a form of superhuman strength and willpower
While most of Century Five enjoy being celebrities and engaging the mainstream media, Patron Saint takes his status a little more seriously. He uses his fame for much more political reasons, openly endorsing the idea of paranormals as blessed by God and encouraging people to pay more heed and respect to mainstream religion. Beloved by the Christian right-wing (rare for members of the Guard), Patron Saint often finds himself at odds with his team-mates and their more liberal viewpoints.

Century Five

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