Action Pact

Action Pact is one of the oldest and most experienced super-hero teams in the world, second only to Overwatch. Operating primarily in the mid-western United States, Action Pact is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. They have recently joined the Vitruvian Institute’s Next-Gen Program, in order to train and guide nascent paranormals into becoming the new wave of super-heroes in the Transnational Guard.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Radiation Control
Atomica is one of the founding members of Action Pact. Now into her 40’s, the demure Lady of the Atom is now involved in training the next generation of the Transnational Guard.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Metallic Form
Former US Army soldier Glen Kemper was once a part of the government’s paranormal soldier program before the HMD Treaty. Since then, he’s been a steadfast member of Action Pact.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Aerokinesis
The quiet and reserved Harrier was once an independent vigilante, who “went legit” and joined the Transnational Guard. He maintains ties to the vigilante community, and encourages them to try to operate with the Guard or local law enforcement.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Empathic analysis
A mischievious daredevil, Jack of Hearts fully embraces the showmanship and publicity aspects of being a costumed super-hero. He uses his ability to know what a person is thinking and feeling by observing them to be a formidable melee combatant.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Telepathy
A former criminal, Nightstar did a five year stint in the Flagstaff Parahuman Correctional Facility in Arizona, and works with Action Pact as a condition of her parole. While reviled by the more conservative elements of society, many of the public embrace her as a symbol of redemption and compassion.


Known Paranormal Abilities: Superspeed
The youngest member of Action Pact, the energetic and outrageous Redline takes full advantage of the fame and adoration her position affords her. Despite her impulsive persona, however, she often engages in charity work and outreach programs to young paranormals.

Action Pact

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