These are the public Achievements available in the Paragons – Next Gen campaign. Unless otherwise noted, each Achievement can only be unlocked once, and doing so grants +1 Hero Point to every player character in the campaign.

Story Achievements, which may come up over the course of adventures, may be worth more than 1 Hero Point.

Public Achievements

Teamwork Works – Make a Team Attack with 2 or more allies
Hard Knocks – Get knocked out of a fight
Learning From Your Mistakes – Fail an attack roll with a natural 1 on the die roll
Clobberin’ Time! – Defeat more than 2 Minions in a single attack
One-Shot – Defeat an undamaged non-Minion enemy in a single attack

Human Weapon – Throw an opponent
Diversion – Use Daze, Demoralize, Fascinate, Feint, Startle, or Taunt in combat
Advanced Tactics – Modify your attack, damage, or defense modifiers using an Advantage
Tower of Iron Will – Successfully resist a mind-affecting power
My Body, My Temple – Successfully resist a power that attacks your Fortitude

Natural 20 – Gain a Critical Hit on an attack roll
Never Did That Before – Use Extra Effort to add a Power Stunt to your powers
Road To Hell – Acquire a Surge Point
Tickling The Dragon’s Tail – Survive a Power Surge without acquiring an Aberration
Bad-Ass – Defeat an enemy without using your powers in that encounter

Friendly Neighborhood… – Save the lives of innocent people
Leave No Man Behind – Rescue a fellow hero or team-mate
Higher Principles – Save the life of a villain who would otherwise perish
Do-Over – Spend a Hero Point to improve a power roll
Lucky Break – Spend a Hero Point to activate a Fortune Advantage

Modern Idols – Meet with a member of another Transnational Guard team
The Status Quo – Defeat a famous costumed super-villain
Hidden Depths – Gain a Complication or resolve an existing one
Skeletons – Encounter a figure from your past
Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Survive an encounter with Imperator

VIP Only – Visit the Paramount Club
No Gods, No Kings – Visit Ultima
Panem Et Circenses – Participate in the Xtreme Action Combat Tournament
No Capes! – Create a super-hero identity and costume
The Next Generation – Graduate from the Vitruvian Institute’s Guard Training Program


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